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1915 can be a difficult year for a British historian to write about. The British army was still adapting and coming to terms with fighting a continental war. In addition, there were no really large engagements as are found in 1916 and 1917, but instead a series of often unconnected smaller battles which resulted in no appreciable gains of territory and no compelling victories. This book tackles the campaigns by the British army in 1915 through a series of essays written by different authors. In some books, this approach doesn't work, but here it works well. The authors of the individual chapters know their stuff and write with clarity. The account of the defence of the Frezenberg Ridge by the Territorials is quite moving - more so because it is a relatively unknown story. The book contains a series of clear, well drawn maps, which is a pleasant change - many modern histories are accompanied by inadequate maps.
The year 1915 was one of unprecedented challenges for the British Army. Short of manpower, firepower and experience, the army needed time to adapt before it could hope to overcome the formidable German defences of the Western Front. Yet the insistent demands of coalition warfare required immediate and repeated action. The result was a year of disappointments, setbacks and costly fighting. The very difficulties of 1915 make it especially worthy of study. This book offers a fresh and insightful evaluation of the experience of the British Army through a series of thematic essays examining the strategic, operational, tactical and logistical problems that shaped the fighting. Within these pages are assessments of broad topics such as the performance of British high command, the ‘Shell Scandal' and the development of the Royal Flying Corps, as well as a thorough selection of battle studies which cast new light on engagements such as Neuve Chapelle, Second Ypres, Festubert and Loos. Special attention is placed on the composite nature of the British Army, with chapters examining Canadian, Indian, Regular and Territorial unit experience. Taken as a whole these essays offer an important reassessment of a forgotten year of the war, and illustrate the tremendous difficulties faced by the British Army as it endured a bloody learning curve in difficult conditions. This book will be of great interest to anyone who studies the First World War, and of particular value to those who seek a greater understanding of the British Army of the era. “ … The book contains much of significance and interest …” Soldiers of the Queen “ … The performance of key figures is treated with a sobriety I find most welcome. I sometimes find myself confused with the labels of traditionalism, revisionism and counter-revisionism applied to aspects of Great War historiography. All I want is clarity and it is much in evidence here … variety is my thing and I want to learn as much as I can about a range of military history that sets the scene for the world I live in. This is the sort of book to do just that. It is brilliant.” War History Online. Overseas clients please note: Due to excessively high wrapped weight shipping is weighted on this title.


Product Code: 24945
Author: S Jones
Format: Hardback 464 pages with 16 colour maps and 15 B&W Illustrations Published Price £29.95
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