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NAVAL FLANK OF THE WESTERN FRONT The Development and Operations in the German Marine Korps Flanders 1914-1918

The Development and Operations in the German Marine Korps Flanders 1914-1918  

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The Germans in the Great War had high hopes of using the ports of Flanders as a springboard for the invasion of England, and formed the Marine Korps Flanders for this purpose. How those hopes were frustrated is the theme of this insightful book.
Belgium was once described as the 'dagger held at the throat of England', a collection of provinces that had long been a critical factor in British foreign policy, and the traditional concern was that the Flanders coast would fall into the hands of the strongest continental power. In 1914, Germany's occupation of Belgium brought about the spectre of enemy ships only seventy miles from the British coast, and the coast of Flanders became, effectively, the naval flank of the Western Front. Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz was one of the few within the German navy who recognised the strategic potential of the three ports of Ostend, Zeebrugge and Brugges; that they were closer to England than the Heligoland Bight for access by small craft, and brought Germany to within a few hours sailing of the Thames estuary. This new book tells the story of the creation, purpose, operations and career of the Marine Korps Flandern. The Flanders harbours should have allowed the German navy to strike dangerous blows at vital British traffic in the Channel and southern North Sea but the Marine Korps was unable to fulfil the great expectations of von Tirpitz. The author not only explains how the Germans conducted operations, but also shows how the opportunities presented by the Flemish occupation were wasted. A significant and insightful book on an important theatre of the Great War


Product Code: 25488
Author: Mark Karau
Format: Softback, 276 pages Published Price 16.99
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Retail Price: £16.99
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